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" "You do seem to be having a good time," her friend said with a laugh.

Suzi and Julie were quiet as they followed the grown-ups. Julie's heart had been pounding the whole time they were walking. " "They're called cocks or dicks," Suzi said correcting her friend. While they were checking out everyone on the beach, Mattie and Victor spread a blanket and put up an umbrella.

Brooke flipped her long blond hair, snickered and said, "Tom Brewer, Michael Stevens, and Chase Lane saw your mom naked yesterday." "What? She said, "The guys saw your mother and father at the nude beach! We would have asked you to come, but you were working." Julie had a job that summer working in a kiosk selling items to tourists visiting the historic district.

She hurried over and lightly collided into her former classmate. Brooked smiled, but didn't mean it when she said, "Sorry." "Hi," Julie said hesitantly. Brooke had often been mean to her in school and she was about to be unpleasant to her again. She enjoyed the look of surprise, confusion, and embarrassment on Julie's face. In tune with nature." "So, you've been there before?

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I'm afraid I'm going to cut myself." Suzi laughed and said, "How embarrassing would it be to show up in the emergency room and say, 'I was shaving and had a terrible accident. Larry was banging me doggie-style the other day and he teased me about having a hairy asshole." "Oh, God! They were flushed, and if forced, they would have admitted that it felt good to rub lotion into their crotches. Suzi came over for lunch and then the crew headed to the nude beach. The other beaches along Florida's coast were for regular beach goers. Her nose was filled with the smell of suntan lotion and salt water. She added, "I can't believe I can see their things! Mattie grabbed her husband's hand and said, "Let's go into the ocean." The teenagers turned toward them when they spoke. The naturalist and park rangers had come to an agreement that nudity was acceptable at Apollo Beach. She was in a daze, yet she was aware of everything. She heard every crashing wave and the crisp sound of every flip-top soda can that was opened. Her eyes honed in on penises, asses, boobs and pussies. She was overwhelmed as she observed everyone and everything. "Hairy and fat too." "She's smoking hot," Suzi said respectfully. "Those guys are cute," Julie said, gesturing to a couple of college age guys. You've never mentioned it before." She paused and then added, "I'd like to go." "Sure, now that you have nice boobs you're ready to show them off," Julie said harshly. "You know I'm jealous of you and every woman who has real tits." She smiled and said softly, "I've never been to Apollo Beach. "Let's get it spruced up." The teenagers went to Suzi's home. That was mean of me," Julie said and begged her friend's forgiveness. I've been out of circulation and I admit I've let my lady garden go." "We both know you've always had a lush garden," Suzi said kindly. "I'm thinking of taking it all off except for a landing strip. She smiled and looked forward to having some fun at the other girl's expense. " Brooke called out to the slightly built, eighteen-year-old walking her way.


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