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Ezra is sometimes accused of having been a legalist who gave excessive attention to the letter of the law.His work, however, should be seen and judged within a specific historical context.He gave to his people a cohesion and spiritual unity which helped to prevent the disintegration of the small Jewish community settled in the province of Judah.Had it not been for the intransigence of Ezra and of those who adopted his ideal, it is doubtful that Judaism would have so effectively resisted Hellenism in later centuries. she thought he was going to set it on fire but he didn't..Been living for over 10 years with my iranian man. In general - they have a worse old-boys-club than americans; are absolutely across the board m-e-a-n when anything goes against their opinion or what they think is right. For example again..took all the living room furniture and stacked it up as high as it would go like a piramid in the middle of the living room.

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Its just when we argued that he said a lot of nasty things. For example..extravagant weddings spending way too much money on unnecessary things.

While some scholars still maintain unity of authorship, others prefer to speak of the influence of a “Chronistic school” on the formation of Ezra-Nehemiah as a single book.

The treatment of Ezra-Nehemiah as a single book by the earliest editors was undoubtedly due to the fact that in ancient times the two books were put under the one name, Ezra.

Since arguments in favor of the chronological priority of Nehemiah to Ezra are indecisive, we accept the order in the text according to which Ezra’s activity preceded that of Nehemiah.

What is known of Ezra and his work is derived almost exclusively from Ezr 7–10 (the “Ezra Memoirs”) and Neh 8–9.


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