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Show Metro Dialog Async(new Custom Base Metro Dialog()); // create and show custom dialog with own settings await this.Show Metro Dialog Async(new Custom Base Metro Dialog(this.metro Dialog Settings)); // or await this.Show Metro Dialog Async(new Custom Base Metro Dialog(this, this.metro Dialog Settings)); This is the first stable release of Mah Apps. We removed everything marked as obsolete and made some API changes, but from now on Mah Apps.

Remember that curly braces inside an attribute is an XSLT expression, so the computed result is actually As the name implies, it creates a data binding and associates it with the hosted Web Part, but the msdn documentation leaves us guessing as to what values should be used. Note: key Field, key Value and data Field all refer to methods that are obfuscated.

For Share Point Designer XSLT, this is likely always going to be ddwrt: Escape Delims(@ID).

Data Source Field Name (“data Field”) This is the name of the Share Point field that we want to bind.

Not surprisingly, no one could answer the question.

So I decided to do some spelunking in Reflector to see what I could find.


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