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The programme is a preemie programme and mimics the suction action of a baby a few hours to a day old. It made me frustrated so resulted to using the pump and milk came through. I used to cry all the time as I felt I couldn't help my Lo. Ask your nurses about when you will be able to do this.

Xx Sent from my i Phone using Netmums Congratulations Rachel. Remember even a drop of your milk helps your Lo so try not to stress your doing an amazing job.

It is really starting to upset me and I'm worried I'm not doing enough for her.

I just feel completely hopeless as a mum as she's so early, I can't even hold her and now I can't even express.

Im completely new to all of this as I am a first time mum and I have never posted on this site before.

Xx Sent from my i Phone using Netmums Ah u was told not to use a pump for the first four days and to express until the nature milk came through. However when speaking to the nicu nurses they said to use the pump and put it on a specific program that encourages colostrum. Also when you have skin to skin that will stimulate you milk.I did use a pump though, but when my milk came in was really engorged and looked like Jordan lol. I expressed for over 6 months for my baby so I know how tough those early days are.It can take a few days for your milk to come through, especially as you have had such an early baby your body isn't always ready.Once I was up and about - day 8 I was able to go a bf her.But I still had to express for her overnight feeds for another week. I promise you the amounts are you are getting are totally normal. Hi my baby was born 5 weeks early bit was iugr so very small.I have just given birth on the 16th of this month, she is 15 weeks early and weighs a tiny 1lb 7oz (although I've been told this is a good weight for being so premature).


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