Best no credit card adult sex app

What can you can do to make this seemingly simple service headache free?

The Adult Industry covers a wide range of areas including pornography films and magazines, adult chat sites, adult live video sites, sex toy stores, adult theaters, sex chat lines, adult modeling agencies, strip clubs, and legal prostitution.

The problem is that most of these agents never truly understood traditional credit card processing and the interchange system so there is no way for them to grasp the complexity of finding a good high risk solution for whatever client is in front of them.

Some of these agents think it is perfectly normal and acceptable to do what is called “mis coding” in order to get an account set up.

A chargeback is when a customer calls their credit card provider and denies a charge as either fraudulent, unpurchased, or unfulfilled.

So she calls the credit card company and the chargeback process begins!There are a lot of reasons that being approved for a merchant account to accept credit cards in the adult industry is more difficult than traditional retail businesses.First, since the adult industry is a constant source of international debate in politics, law, and religion many acquiring (or processing/funding) banks want to maintain a distance from the adult industry not only to protect their public image.So if all these services are 100% legal – why should it be difficult to get a merchant account so you can accept credit cards and be paid for your services?How do you find a merchant service provider who is not just willing to work with your business but who will provide an affordable solution that is both stable and service oriented?First off make sure that you ask the salesperson a few questions like: -How Long have you been in High Risk Merchant Services? There are a few steps or best practices you should consider while shopping: First and foremost only turn in ONE application Do not do what so many high risk businesses try and turn in 4-5 applications simultaneously with multiple processors.


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