Updating old outlets

He calls Snap “a camera company” and doesn’t talk publicly about politics.From left: Bobby Murphy, co-founder and chief technology officer of Snap Inc., and Evan Spiegel, co-founder and chief executive officer, ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange with Tom Farley, president of NYSE Group, during Snap’s initial public offering on March 2, 2017.We see it differently.”Every time you visit a Facebook property, the company’s algorithms crunch through an enormous trove of data about you and everyone you know, everything you’ve clicked on, and everything that people like you are likely to click on; then you’re shown the posts and ads you’re most likely to consume and share.This is how Russian agents were able to reach, by Facebook’s estimation, Snap, on the other hand, is all about privacy.If it can steal a few ad dollars from its competitors and rectify its earnings setbacks, so much the better, but the company says recent events are simply proof that it’s been on the right path all along.

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After Spiegel answered a question about Snapchat’s slowing user growth, an analyst, who apparently didn’t realize his line was live, said, “I didn’t even understand his response,” sounding as if he were about to burst out in laughter.Instagram Stories, rolled out last year, attracts close to 50 percent more viewers than all of Snapchat.(Snap says those numbers don’t tell the whole story.)Despite their products’ similarities, the corporate cultures of Facebook and Snap are very different.“We only work with authoritative and credible media companies, and we unashamedly have a significant team of producers, creators, and journalists.”Whereas Facebook deliberately blurs the line between personal status updates, news articles, and ads—sticking all three in its constantly updating, algorithm-driven News Feed—Snapchat has taken a more old-fashioned approach.The app’s news section, Discover, is limited to professionally edited content, including dozens of channels maintained by old-media outlets such as the .Since 2013, when Spiegel rejected Mark Zuckerberg’s billion buyout offer, the joke in Silicon Valley has been that Snap runs Facebook’s R&D lab.


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