Brasil my aunty sex

"But afterwards he refused to pay, killed her and dumped her body.

It only ­happened a few weeks ago." I was told later by an older prostitute who has taken on a mother role for the children that the police have failed to find the killer.

She said: "Mickela lived on the street and she was murdered on the day of a police strike .

Pimps come and go alongside drug dealers, safe in the knowledge the police are unable to stem the horror.And as 600,000 foreign fans ­including Brits flood into Brazil this week, the youngsters' plight will get worse.I flew out last week to host city Recife on the north-east coast to ­interview children caught up in the vicious cycle of prostitution."It helps me cope with the ­violence and danger on the streets." I was joined by Lorrisa's friend Raphaela, 13.She told me how she gets approached by scores of men looking for sex - locals, tourists and taxi ­drivers.Calliem, 14, told me how she first started selling her body for sex at 11.


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