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I have met Black people who carries themselves well and White people who are ghetto.

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Not to mention, one of the biggest rappers from New York who have passed away was Big Pun. Moreover, a lot of the rappers from New York are mixed with Hispanic.Jim Jones is half Puerto Rican and Half Aruban, NORE is half Puerto Rican and half African American, Fabolous is African American and Dominican, Juelz Santana is African American and Dominican, Cam’ron is African American and Puerto Rican.Lastly, this shows that Hispanics and Blacks get along very well for the most part in New York.Hispanics from the states are very different from the Hispanics from their country. For example, in The Bronx, New York Hispanics and Blacks get along very well.We live in the same ‘hoods’, listen to the same music, date each other , and see each other in the same struggle.I’m engaged to a Latino man who is 1/2 Mexican and 1/2 Spainiard. I attached a photo of myself for context so you can see I understand this subject quite well from all sides. He let the cat out of the bag and any Latinx in this country who says they’ve never had a family member express similar sentiments is either lying or comes from a rare unicorn family. I was told that my fiancées mother cried when she found out her son was dating a black girl.


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