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Now note the tetrahedron, the second figure from the right Its four vertexes or corners, which traditionally define four triangles, have already been bisected by a second array of thongs defining another tetrahedron overlapping the first at midpoints.

It is our contention that these stones were not wrapped and marked with leather to facilitate their use as "bolas" or projectiles.

Is it not more than a coincidence that Plato as well as Ptolemy, Kepler, and Al-Kindi attributed cosmic significance to these figures." Yet another historian, Lucie Lamy, in her new book on the Egyptian system of measure gives proof of the knowledge of these basic geometric solids as early as the Egyptian Old Kingdom, 2500 B. We agree, in general, with all the above researchers that the crafting of sophisticated three-dimensional geometries was well within the capabilities of Pre-Egyptian civilizations.

The most direct route to such a figure is as follows: Take the icosahedron wrapping pattern and combine it with the existing pattern of points and thongs on the dodecahedron.

The stones and their varied nets are too delicate and complex to have been used as hunting and warfare shot.

Their appearance struck us initially as ritual objects similar to the decorative reed spheres found in Southeast Asia; or as religious symbols such as the mysterious bronze and gold spheres found in France and Vietnam which some say depict the ancient text of the Tao Teh Ching.

The 14th century great plagues of Europe, in which one fourth of the Continental population had died with three out of four persons afflicted, had awakened in the West the archetypal imperative to "control Nature or die!

" By the 15th century, Leonardo da Vinci and the multi-disciplined geniuses of the Renaissance had rediscovered the lost scientific principles of pre-Christian Greece and Rome, and had invented the "view point" of the individual within their perspective drawing and painting systems.


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