Web sites for friendship and dating

This site uses very attractive models who feign interest...

Navigating the Russian dating sites and agencies should be a scary prospect for someone new to pursuing Russian and Ukrainian women.

By the way, some of the Russian dating sites and agencies I review negatively have a reputation for intimidating critical reviewers, often threatening to sue for defamation.

In an attempt to insulate myself from accusations of defamation, I carefully choose the wording in my negative reviews so as to avoid the potential legal hassles later.

I was on the site for one week before I decided to shut it down.

During that week, I received many "inquiries"; however, they were virtually all living in Ghana or W Africa, even though there profile said they were in Houston.

(2) I offer very positive reviews for some sites that offer no affiliate agreements.

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What is even scarier is what you'll find if you search the web for reviews about these sites for yourself!I have paid upgrade fees and sent dozens of messages.Even the obvious prostitute profiles have not responded.I don't even say distance because the minimal distance is "entire city" (even if you live in NYC)...Badoo used to be a great app and I had met several girls there. I have not received ANY responses in the past year.They are firmly opposed to typical pay-per-letter agency scams and some of the videos even interview former scam agency employees to get a real behind-the-scenes look at the scammy business. Click HERE to read my full review of Match Guaranty.


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