Connecting to wireless internet validating identity

In certain service areas, paper bills are available for a monthly charge.

To determine whether certain taxes, fees, and surcharges are applicable to Services provided to you, we are required by federal law to obtain your street address, which must be within our service area.

In the future, an additional deposit or advanced payment may be required if either the amount/number of Services is increased, you are late on payment or your credit rating changes.

Simple interest will be paid on the cash deposit for the period it is held by us, and will be refunded if satisfactory credit has been established or upon termination of Service (if no balance is due).

“Service Order” means the form (whether paper or electronic, including online order forms), if any, in which you apply for or make changes to Services and may include the length of time you will subscribe to a Service, rate plans, access charges, fees, taxes and surcharges, choice of long distance carrier, and the Equipment you have selected. This Agreement incorporates by reference, and you agree to be bound by the following, in this order of priority AND INCLUDING ANY CHANGES (SEE SECTION 23 BELOW): 1) any applicable tariffs filed with the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) or the relevant state public service commission; 2) The FCC or state web-posted price lists or terms and conditions (either, “price lists”) posted at 3) the product- or bundle-specific Terms and Conditions, including any Promotional Terms (see Section 27 herein and Your Bill Messages) and any additional agreements associated with such products; 4) the Service Order, if any; 5) any relevant click-through agreement for the Services you received; 6) these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”); 7) the Acceptable Use Policy posted at and 8) the Privacy Policy posted at

If you purchase Windstream Kinetic TV service, your terms of service include these Terms and Conditions and the attached Schedule 1.

“Equipment” means any equipment or accessories you purchase or lease from us or those provided by us for use in any manner in connection with your Services.

For ease of reference, Services and Equipment provided by Windstream shall be referred to in this document collectively as “Services.” “Promotional Terms” mean terms that apply to special offers from time to time.

We will not refund any advanced payment made after installation of Services. If you are a business customer, and you terminate your order prior to the installation of Services, then you will be required to pay a pre-installation cancellation charge equal to the greater of (i) three (3) months of MRCs; or (ii) our costs to other providers.You may obtain a copy of these Terms and any product-specific Terms and Conditions by visiting or calling a service representative at 877-807-9463.This Agreement supersedes any and all statements or promises made to you by any of our employees or agents.We reserve the right to apply the deposit to any amount due and unpaid, and the payment of a deposit in no way relieves you of paying your bills in a timely manner.Regarding advanced payments, any advanced payment will appear as a credit to your first-month's bill.Company may require you to authorize payment for Services by credit card or by debiting a bank account, and no additional notice or consent is required before we invoice the credit card or debit the bank account for all amounts due to us for any reason. Our agreement to provide you Services is subject to credit approval, and, as such, you authorize us to ask credit-reporting agencies for credit information about you.


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