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Its not the first time this irish rag got there hands on a clip of a swingers party thats for sure..."That video shows nothing.

It will cast a shadow on any party/meet that they can be exposed by such a rag without consent look at this way you can get a camera ah fairly good the size of a button on your shirt. General public really doesn't give flying fucks about who sleeps with whom and how. " we remeber that very well we where one of those couples about too back out because of it all..

They once putted a female PSNI and on another occasion the 'nephew of a known gangster'. "The Sunday life has long had a history of outing couples from `fabs NI. Don't reward any industry that attacks your sexual preference.

They once putted a female PSNI and on another occasion the 'nephew of a known gangster'. "It can be assumed that all professions are represented here in one way or another.

Few years ago, may have been same paper, they wrote about a big Halloween party being organised in Cork. Article came out, we (I think almost 300 of swingers) had a ball and nothing changed. Just dont do what ste done at the end of it all in the lobby with everyone he was talking too two d*unk guys in suits thinking they where at the meet and greet as everyone was dressed up. As for a laugh he said an what are you cowboys ment too be the boys replied where the blues brothers ste was like a cool it suits you did yas enjoy the meet and greet an they said yeah whats it about ste says the meet and greet an his mate turned around too the other guy an said yeah there the swingers that where on the newspapers his friend snapped at ste for no reason then the host came too the rescue lol an if im correct the bouncer as well was funny though... since then ste says noting lol "That video shows nothing.

Maybe people don't want to read about gangland murders corrupt governments or trump anymore so they sensationalize a swingers scene.Private mail me the name if you want and ill stick it up here "Why support a newspaper damaging the scene?Pledge #dontbuy and we'll send you a scanned copy of it.So no surprise that there are verified journalists, and if you're after a story only all it needs is to attend a m&g - assuming she had social veris only -and boom you're in. Anyhow only in Ireland a swinger party can make the news.Can ye stop tip toeing around and tell us the profile name.We will attend KK parties in the future anyway " In all fairness I don't think it's just kk parties that bothers people that would like to stay discrete. Heard an interesting fact (off topic) ever wonder why we enjoy porn or watching sex.... has for her profile, I think it was Miel_et_moi profile name, but that 3rd had info I'm sharing ...


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    However, reports do not indicate that the information was ever removed.