Validating marriage

All this indicates a basic societal admission that there is an essential and holistic maleness and femaleness that transcend mere social constructs. They are masculine by virtue of their sex, not by virtue of possessing a social construct of masculinity that may or may not reflect true masculinity. Rather, they must come to terms with their essential masculinity. Jesus adopted a back-to-creation model of sexuality.

In this connection, too, it is interesting that homosexual men, even those who bear effeminate traits, usually desire very masculine men as their sex partners. Undoubtedly many desire what they see as lacking in themselves: a strong masculine quality. The New Testament recognizes the importance of the Genesis creation stories for establishing a two-sexes or other-sex prerequisite for marriage. Paul clearly understood same-sex intercourse as an affront to the Creators stamp on gender in Genesis 1-2. He treated Genesis and as normative and prescriptive for the church (Mark 10:6-9).

Jesus did devote his ministry to seeking out the lost and sick, such as sexual sinners and the biggest economic exploiters of Jesus day (tax collectors).

Yet he did so in the hope of bringing about their restoration through grateful repentance.

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Marriage is pictured as the reunion of the two constituent parts or other halves, man and woman. Those who suppressed the truth about God transparent in creation were more likely to suppress the truth about the complementarity of the sexes transparent in nature, choosing instead to gratify contrary innate impulses.

There is either (1) a conscious recognition that one desires in another what one already is and has as a sexual being (anatomy, physiology, sex-based traits) or (2) a self-delusion of sorts in which the sexual same is perceived as some kind of sexual other. Same-sex intercourse, like man-mother incest, is not substantially improved by the manifestation of fidelity and longevity.

Marriage is not just about more intimacy and sharing ones life with another in a lifelong partnership.

It is about sexual mergeror, in Scriptures understanding, re-mergerof essential maleness and femaleness.

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